Rethink your GP surgery website

Slideshow developed by

Dr Mark Thompson

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Find out how I use our surgery website

Turn your website into a powerful channel for supporting patients to better manage their health and wellbeing

Slideshow developed by

Dr Mark Thompson

Old Farm Surgery ▶

How I use our surgery website

Our website is a tool to enable us to inform, support and empower our patients to manage their needs while reducing pressure on surgery time.

It also equips clinicians with up-to-date relevant, effective resources.

I've been using our website in a variety of ways for many years

  • In face to face consultations
  • Over the phone
  • For signposting in written letters

I find it particularly useful during telephone triage to help prepare patients for consultations.

It also acts as an extension of our service by providing easy access to ‘validated’ information outside of our consultations.

Another very powerful use of the site can be by a clinician who is using a wide range of consulting skills, such as goal-setting.

For instance, when a person presents with Depression, and prior to a face-to-face consultation, I might do one or more of the following:

  • Encourage the person to look at the Black Dog video
  • Introduce the Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing
  • Suggest they self-refer to DAS
  • Recommend downloading the ‘Smiling Mind’ or ‘Calm Harm’ apps
  • Introduce the ‘Letter of Hope’ if there are thoughts of self-harm

As a result I've often found patients to be better informed and more receptive to a depression diagnosis and the various management strategies by the time they turn up for their appointment.

Our website provides a powerful channel for promoting health and wellbeing in our community and supporting people to help themselves.

It's filled with up-to-date local health and social care resources and health information.

We can use the website for signposting or navigating, particularly for people with long-term health conditions, for example:

  • A Practice Nurse might use it to navigate to any chronic disease information (diabetes, asthma, COPD etc) or perhaps to contraception services, physio or DAS
  • A Healthcare Assistant/Phlebotomist to lifestyle services or smoking services or perhaps wound-care information
  • A Receptionist to MIU, physiotherapy services, pharmacy, lifestyles team, welfare services (CAB, Domestic Abuse support, Foodbank), Carers’ Support and Dentist as well as quick access to Prescriptions, Patient Access etc

Why rethink?

Have better conversations

‘Book an Appointment’ and ‘Prescriptions’ are unsurprisingly the most popular sections on GP websites.

However, we find the next most visited sections on our websites are ‘Anxiety, Stress, Depression’ and ‘Pain Management’, which reflects that, quite often, a large proportion of appointments are with people feeling anxious, stressed or depressed or trapped by the chronic pain they experience.

Use your website as a conversational tool with which to encourage and support patients to discover for themselves how they can improve their health outcomes based on what matters to them.

Reduce pressure on surgery time

‘Better conversations’ combined with easy access to other support, information and resources can lead to a significant reduction in appointments for some patients, particularly those with long-term health conditions.

Talk to us about how your website can be set up to mirror the way you are working with patients with long-term conditions to improve their health outcomes while reducing pressure on surgery time.

Link resources to your own practice

Sometimes people need to see you for medical help, but quite often they could benefit from other support services or simple information that may help them. 

Promoting and offering access to information and support from within your website means patients feel confident that the information you provide is validated and endorsed by you and is there to provide them with extra support.

Make ‘Social Prescribing’ make sense

Social prescribing is listed as one of the ten high impact actions in the NHS England General Practice Forward View.

There is emerging evidence that social prescribing can lead to a range of positive health and well-being outcomes, such as quality of life, emotional and mental health wellbeing and reduced social isolation.

Use your website to promote access to socially prescribed activities along with access to other forms of support that may be available such as health coaching, practical support, lifestyle support or condition-specific education programmes. 

It can also be used by link-workers, coordinators and navigators as well as health coaches and healthcare professionals to signpost to local services and community activities.

Save time and costs with a proactive and preventative culture

A website that supports and contributes to the maintenance of a proactive and preventative culture will contribute to saving time and costs for your practice.

We have been providing digital communications and social marketing for the NHS for over twenty years. We’re also specialists in self-management and health coaching and providers of training and support for clinical teams and health coaches who work with patients.

Talk to us about the work you’re doing to maintain a proactive and preventative culture in your practice and how your website can act as a powerful channel for supporting patients to better manage their health.

Engage the team

The KYOH approach ensures your team and the patients they interact with are exposed to a consistent set of messages that encourage a proactive and preventative culture within your practice.

More and more GP practices are providing navigation and sign-posting for people who don’t always need a medical appointment, or who could benefit from other support or information. Some practices are developing the Link Worker role and including Health Coaching into their practice. Our websites will directly support these new roles and ways of working. Talk to us about how your website can mirror the training and support you may be giving to all team members including Receptionists and Health Care Assistants.

Customise your website with us

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Our website template makes it quick and easy to switch over, maintaining all your current content and features. 

We will be pleased to work with you to further customise your website to suit your particular needs.

Making it happen

  • Switching over

    Switching over is easy. We take care of everything. You only need to tell us what you want to achieve and then sign it off. We then:

    • Audit the content on your existing site.
    • Create a test site for practice staff to access while the site is being built.
    • Populate your new site with all your existing content together with the self-care/self-management content and local links to resources.
    • Create a new logo for your practice if you need one - optional extra, see Pricing.
    • Help you shape the self-care/self-management messages you wish to communicate to your patients - see Messaging.
    • Enable you to share the test site, when it's ready, with your GPs, staff and patient participation group for final sign off.
    • Contact your existing hosting provider and/or URL host and arrange the switchover.
    • Provide telephone training for a member of your team to edit the site.
    • Provide a powerpoint presentation and leaflet for your staff to help them make the best use of the site and ensure it is promoted to patients.

    After launch we provide you with regular analytics on site traffic, and continue to be available to liaise with you and your team around your online communications.

  • Website Features

    We will provide the same features you have in your existing website and more. If there's anything we don't provide, or a new feature you'd like us to consider, tell us and we will be pleased to help.  

    • Mobile and tablet friendly
    • Easy to edit and update (we provide continuous support)
    • All the usual online services - EMIS PatientAccess, SystmOnline, eConsult etc.
    • Patient feedback
    • Hosting and maintenance
    • Six monthly web traffic analytics reports
    • Telephone support weekdays 9-5:30 and by email 24/7/365
  • Messaging

    While we are building you your website you will have access to a test site so you can see how it's shaping up. 

    You can either use one of our standard self-care/self-management messages, or we will help you establish the messages you’d like to communicate to your patients.

    We'll discuss with you:

    • What your current priorities are.
    • How you’re currently working with patients.
    • What you’d like to achieve.

    Then we will put together some suggestions for you to see in situ before we launch the site.

  • Pricing

    Switchover (and first year): £430+VAT

    We will design, build and populate your new website and provide hosting, training and 24/7/365 support. 

    Annual charge (after year one): £320+VAT  

    We will maintain, update, add new features, host and provide 24/7/365 email support.

    Optional logo design: £250+VAT   

    Ask us to design a new logo and slogan for your surgery.

Talk to us on 0808 1649158