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What training is required for Social Prescribing Link Workers?

The training requirements for Social Prescribing link workers are set out in the Workforce development framework: social prescribing link workers and can be found on the Personalised Care Institute's website under Arrs roles training requirements.

As the name suggests, Social Prescribing Link Workers are primarily focused on supporting people to proactively engage with local community resources and/or connecting them to local resources that can help them. 

Social Prescribing Link Workers will be expected to make use of health coaching skills in their role and will be introduced to these in their PCI-accredited training, as referenced above.

There is no formal requirement for Social Prescribing Link Workers to do either the PCI-accredited 2-day or 4-day training in health coaching skills. However, as social prescribing link workers do also have the remit to provide a number of coaching sessions to patients, they may find either our 2-day or 4-day training programme helpful for that aspect of their role.