Know Your Own Health

Find out more about Health & Wellbeing Coaching

‘Health & Wellbeing Coaching’ is an intervention recognised by NHS England as a significant driver in improving people’s ability and confidence to manage with one or more health conditions, including depression, stress, anxiety. 

KYOH has been working with the NHS in delivering the intervention through Primary Care since 2013 and has achieved consistently good, often outstanding, results.

These outcomes are realised by giving patients ownership and control over their choices and supporting them to achieve what’s important to them.

It is as effective for people with mental health conditions (depression, stress or anxiety) as it is for people managing physical health conditions. 

The key to achieving results lies in: supporting people to recognise the importance of the role they play, building their confidence to manage, and supporting them to problem-solve.  This is known as ‘patient activation’. 

‘Patient Activation’ is the Key Performance Indicator for Health and Wellbeing Coaching.

The following are sample case studies:

The support that I received was instrumental in making me see I had a choice/s still in my life and to feel that I still had power over my life - I thought I'd lost that. Patient in High Weald Lewes Havens